SEO for Your Insurance Company

SEO for Your Insurance Company

Competition in the insurance world has always been tough and now when everything is digitalized people are using new technology to beat the competition that is larger than them. Everything matters in the online world including the design and experience people have when they visit your website. The problem is that there are new trends every year and search engines are constantly updating their algorithms to make things better.

When it comes to this type of company you will need more than search engine optimization. There are a lot of programs that can be very beneficial for your business. But, to be on the top you will need everything to be perfect. SEO includes a lot of things today and it is becoming harder to manage but people still find a way to rank better. The user experience is an essential thing now and it will determine the rank of your page.

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High-quality Content

Every professional knows that your presentation will determine how much clients you will get. Of course, the service you provide or products will mean a lot but still, you can convince people to do business with you when you make them trust you. The same goes for your website. When you are in the top 3 when searching for a certain niche people will check what you have to offer.

Quality content includes a lot of things but you need to make sure it is high-quality. Hiring professionals for your graphs or articles will make a small difference that counts. Everything needs to be optimized from the pictures you have to the text. If you have presentations on the page, they need to be well executed and safe space so it won’t slow down the page.


Nowadays, the majority of internet users are doing their surfing on the mobile phone. Google has announced how important this is and how they will give better rank for the pages that are mobile optimized. This is very acceptable because we have phones that are as strong as our PCs and you can do everything like on your laptop. There are many page builders where you can use to set your mobile page and do the optimization. This will remain a trend until some new technology comes to place.

SEO for Your Insurance Company

Page Speed

Search engines are forcing people to work on the UX if they want to be in the top pages. The loading speed of your page has been ranking part for some time and the same goes for mobile page speed. A good thing is that your desktop speed shouldn’t impact the mobile but it usually goes in the same hand because people that don’t pay attention to one won’t do it for the other.

There are two metrics important for this part including speed and optimization. They are actually trying to measure each visitor’s device. This is very difficult to do but at some point, in Google calculations, they will include your page speed for each user. When it comes to optimization, everything depends on you and the package you have for your website.

You should avoid several things. Always prioritize visible content and optimize your images and videos. Leverage browser caching and improve server response time. One of the worst things is the landing page redirects. Those are the things that Google is recommending for you to change first. But, because details matter here the most you should always have someone that follows the trends. Read more on this page.

Focus on Branding

Google is putting everything together so you now have everything connected from the brand, user experience and speed. The goal now is to build your brand online which includes a lot of things like reviews and ratings. The reputation and trust your customers have can be recognized by many aspects and search engines are becoming better at it. Even the complaint solving skills of your employees will matter when it comes to ranking.

The bad effect on the ranking comes from the bad reviews you get. If they include your brands’ name in the review there is a high chance Google will recognize it. So, in order to rank better, use more backlinks with positive things about your company. Backlinks still matter a lot and it is hard to make it look natural but you can try every time you have a chance. You can also address your customers that a positive review will mean a lot more then they think.Another great option is to talk to influencers which are important in your industry. There are a lot of tools online that can help you find them.


People are more aware of the accidents that can happen online and they are looking for better security. Every website needs to inform its users about their security and Google is very strict about it. By providing the best possible security you will improve your chance of ranking better. User data protection is very popular now and it also means that your users can ask you about the information you have about them.

Not only they can ask about the data, but they can also request that you delete it. The data collected can expire but the site owner can extend this period when they want. Many companies had this problem and a lot of them lost money after being sued.