Everything You Should Know About Passing a Hair Follicle Test for Drugs

Everything You Should Know About Passing a Hair Follicle Test for Drugs

Everything You Should Know About Passing a Hair Follicle Test for Drugs

The main reasons why medical professionals, lawyers, and employers are beginning to conduct hair follicle drug tests as the best way to determine whether someone consumed drugs in the long-term period.

The first thing that you should remember when it comes to hair analysis is that it can detect the previous usage of illegal and legal drugs over a certain period such as three months based on the length of hair specimen that technician decides to take.

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Why Does Employers Conduct Hair Analysis?

Everything You Should Know About Passing a Hair Follicle Test for Drugs

It is vital to have in mind that hair analysis became the primary way of determining the presence of illegal drugs for medical and employment purposes.

Some companies will conduct drug testing as part of the hiring and employment process, especially in case those jobs are risky and have safety issues if intoxicated.

They can also conduct random drug screenings for employees that are currently working after some severe incident, accident or due to other relevant reasons.

Have in mind that drug testing laws tend to vary from state to state in the United States, and while some states prohibit employers from conducting them on a random basis, you have to be prepared and learn common laws within the state you live in.

At the same time, in some states, the employer has to provide relevant reason and evidence that will allow him to conduct drug screening to a specific employee based on safety circumstances.

Apart from employers, the court can conduct drug screenings for individuals that are on child custody, probation, adoption, and after domestic violence under the influence of Geaux Maids.

On the other hand, you should have in mind that healthcare providers can request tests after they notice alcohol and drug misuse. However, every single test requires a person who has written consent so that it can be legal along the way.

What Happens Throughout The Test?

A hair analysis can take place in the workplace, healthcare settings, and other medical facilities, but you can find home kits as well. During the drug screening, the administrator will remove the hair specimen or sample from your scalp and send it to the laboratory for overall testing.

You should have in mind that consuming certain prescription meds as well as supplements and foods such as poppy seeds may lead to false positive results because they contain specific compounds that will help you along the way.

Everything has to undergo a two-step process that will ensure precise screening results. Therefore, the first step requires ELISA or enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay test, which is fast and can determine the presence of drugs within the taken specimens.

In case that ELISA test finds some particular substance inside, the technician will use the hair sample by retesting the specimen by using chromatographic testing called (GC-MS) with an idea to reduce the possibilities to false positives.

Is Hair Analysis Accurate?

You should have in mind that hair analysis could determine whether someone used specific compounds and substances in the last three months. At the same time, these tests cannot determine the exact date of usage, since the growth rate varies from person to person.

Have in mind that this particular type of drug screening is not 100% accurate, even though it undergoes two-step testing processes. Therefore, factors that may affect the number of drug metabolites that you can find in your hair are:

  • It depends on the frequency of usage of specific drugs as well as the structure of its chemical perspective.
  • It depends on the number of drugs that you have consumed along the way.
  • It depends on how much you are sweating.
  • It depends on the amount of dark hair pigment or melanin in your hair, since some drug byproducts tend to bind faster to melanin than others.
  • It depends whether you are coloring or bleaching your hair.

What Will Happen If You Are Bold?

Have in mind that if you do not have enough hair on your head, administrators may take samples from your face or armpit.

The main idea is that they have to take approximately 1.5 inches of hair in length, so if you have short hair, you will need to supply more from other parts of your body.

In case you decide to shave completely, remember that potential employer may think that you’ve tried to tamper with the screening, and he may find you ineligible for the job you’re applying for.

Urine vs. Hair Follicle Drug Test

When compared with urinalysis, you should remember that hair samples are more challenging to cheating and tampering with the samples, which means that it is a choice that is more reliable.

Urine tests can have a detection window between ten hours and up to one week for drug users, except people who smoke weed, because THC metabolites may remain inside for up to one month and even more.

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The main idea is that hair analysis can determine the drug use up to 90 days or three months by testing 1.5 inches of hair specimen. On the other hand, urinalysis is more efficient for recent consumption, while hair analysis is efficient for identifying long-term abuse.

It is much simpler to cheat and pass urinalysis since there are numerous ways to detoxify from the inside by consuming plenty of water and exercising. However, the hair sample is challenging to cleanse because you will not be able to consume anything so that you can reach perfect results.

Even though drug testing involves taking urine samples, hair drug tests may help you determine long-term abuse, which is efficient when combining these two screenings.

In case you consume prescription meds, we recommend you to share doctor’s report and note so that you can pass the drug test with ease.

Since misusing prescription meds is problematic for specific industries, you will not be able to work in transportation or construction industry, because it is risky and you may endanger the safety of others.